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Choosing a Contractor

  1. Check references-but mainly ask family, friends, neighbors and call your local shingle distributor.
  2. Be sure the contractor is established locally and will be around to fix any problems.
  3. Look for a contractor that does not pressure you and is honest.
  4. Remember it is always best if you have initiated the phone call to the contractor and be very careful with people that show up at your door.
  5. Compare estimates to make sure all material is included in the bids you receive.
  6. Verify that the contractor you hire has a good credit history or a lien could be placed on your property for unpaid bills.
  7. Ask for a certificate of insurance for proof of their liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

Did you Know?

  1. If the roofing contractor does not install the shingles correctly, your warranty could be void.
  2. A lien can be placed on your property if the contractor does not pay for your material.
  3. If you have defective shingles, you may receive a settlement from the manufacturer and we can help you with the claim process.
Neemann is a great company. They are easy to work with and had excellent service. The crew who re-roofed our home was professional, hard-working and cleaned up at end of the day. We would highly recommend Neemann & Sons. Cathy Hedstrom